Wiki Rules

The wiki rules are pretty simple.

  • This wiki is uncencored, so should be known as PG-13, and should NOT be considered for little kids.
  • You can swear. There are no rules against that.
  • No hating on the Maria and Keswick relationship, or on the characters! If so happens, you will be banned.
  • You can NOT add a page without permission!!
  • Fan pictures of Maria, Keswick, their kids, or MariaXKeswick pictures are aloud, but anything with nudity shouldn't be submited, because some of us have problems against that.
  • As said above NO NUDITY!!! Except Fanfictions with nudity, or are very descriptive are aloud. You may want to clear it with Me first though.

Chat Rules

  • Do NOT spam
  • NO hating on Maria and the Keswick relationship, nor the characters!! If you do so, YOU WILL BE BANNED
  • You may swear. There are no rules on that. Just no swearing with hatred on MariaXKeswick
  • Do NOT advertise other wikis!!

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