Future Maria and Keswick Shaded

Future Maria and Keswick drawn by MCB122

Future Maria and Keswick are mainly where the most Meswick starts. Of course they start out with a bit of Meswick in the beginning, but in the future is when the kids are born, and all that.

The two changed a bit, well actualyl a lot. Keswick didn't really change, he still looks the same, except taller.

And Maria changed a lit. She changed her outfit, her height, the back of her hair, almost everything.

Keswick and Maria seem to have growth spurts or.... something, and they get taller. Like 2 or 3 feet taller.

Like I said, nothing really changed about Keswick, but most of us agree Keswick in the future is freaking sexy. He's just.... sexy.

We're still deciding through hte future.... them, though we've been planning this for a couple months, or at least I have been. The beginning designs her mainly the same, except the drawings to the two were failures, so they were never uploaded.

This future was set... what.... 2 years from now?

So this'll be the real thing in about a year or two.